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Established in 1945, PCQHA is the oldest State Affiliate chartered by the American Quarter Horse Association. PCQHA offers membership benefits, shows, clinics, & more. The Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association has been a source of pride, membership and competition for equine enthusiasts throughout the world. The Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association (PCQHA) and its members have kept California at the forefront of equine competition and sportsmanship. PCQHA not only provides opportunities for Youth, Amateur and Open exhibitors to compete, but also has a level of excellence that drives these exhibitors to success throughout the country, and world.

The PCQHA mission is to encourage the breeding and ownership of California-Bred American Quarter Horses by maintaining an awards program, which targets the accomplishments of these horses through PCQHA sponsored or approved programs.

Above all, Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association encourages sportsmanship and family values, as well as the lasting friendships through participation in these activities. The humane and dignified treatment of the American Quarter Horse by owners, trainers, and exhibitors is expected at all times. The PCQHA vision is to be the leader of the Quarter Horse Industry on the West Coast, providing its voice to protect and promote the American Quarter Horse to its fullest potential.

PCQHA services over 1,400 members annually and that number is growing. Membership ranges from youth exhibitors (PCQHYA) to over 50 (our Amateur Select exhibitors). Our membership includes members from across the country, with many who are horse enthusiasts, and love the American Quarter Horse breed.

PCQHYA raises funds to help send Youth PCQHA members to the AQHA World Show and to offer opportunities to encourage youth to ride and show American Quarter Horses; to support the Year-End Awards Program that benefits many of our members; and to support awards and activities at shows throughout the year.

For PCQHA membership contact or call 805-226-7509.


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Whether you are a trainer selling a service, or a tack dealer selling a product, one thing is for certain, you need to advertise. You need to get your name or product out there. Nobody is going to buy a product that they don't know exists. While word of mouth is a wonderful way to advertise, it only works with a client that is ready to buy a product or service now. If they are looking to use your product or service down the road, they will have forgotten your name, lost your card and may go to your competitor, whose name they can find. The best way to advertise is to keep your ad consistently in front of potential clients so they remember you.

Advertise Online is the lifeblood of our West Coast Quarter Horse Industry. Up to date news, shows and rules are displayed instantly on the PCQHA website and your business directory ad appears as a scrolling banner ad on the home page. We also include a one time posting to the PCQHA facebook page to direct our members and exhibitors to your PCQHA Business Card Ad. The cost is $250 per year.

To advertise online email or call 805-226-7509.

Advertise In Print with the voice of PCQHA

The Pacific Coast Journal is the print voice of the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association. A monthly magazine, featuring it’s own website, the is a nationally recognized four-color magazine distributed throughout the West Coast.

For magazine advertising, email or call 1-800-817-7259.

PCQHA Partner Program

A partnership with PCQHA is a great way for businesses and organizations to co-brand their products and services in the PCQHA Show marketplace. PCQHA approves over 100 AQHA/PCQHA shows a year which average over 36,000 entries, ranking PCQHA top ten in the nation for show participation. With over 1,400 PCQHA members and growing, sponsorship is a win-win for everybody.

Each year PCQHA has over 36,000 entries at over 100 approved PCQHA shows throughout the season. This provides a great opportunity for our Partners to promote their products and services to a huge audience from across the country. A partnership with the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association is a great way for businesses and organizations to “co-brand” their products and services in the PCQHA market place. These partnerships create a win-win scenario for everyone.

In addition to the good name and reputation of the PCQHA, businesses have a partner in marketing their products and services to the members of the PCQHA family and their affiliate organizations. Partnerships are designed with varying levels of participation affording donors the flexibility to choose their level of marketing and involvement through PCQHA.

The purpose of the PCQHA Partner Program is to promote those businesses and individuals that are supporting the longevity of PCQHA through a financial commitment. We believe that members, parents, friends and family would prefer to conduct business with those companies and organizations that are supporting and promoting PCQHA’s effort to create a solid future for the equine industry in California.

For PCQHA Partner Program email or call 805-226-7509.

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